How Good Is Your Music?


We are a team of music lovers. We like to create our own music and listen to music that other musicians have created. Many of us create music but cannot afford to record them at expensive studios. And many of us create music just for fun rather than to make a living. And even though it's mostly a hobby, we still want to get reviews from other musicians and get an idea how others feel about our music. If you are a professional musician or a band, there are plenty of music websites out there, such as and, to promote your music and connect with fans. But there aren't many sites that let musicians get feedback on their music so that they can improve their songwriting. This site is for people who produce music and people who make music because that's what they love to do. Even though many of us may not make it 'big' someday, making music is still our passion and we are looking for ways to improve our music.

The goal of this site is to have outlet for musicians to discover new music, get feedback on their music from the community and possibly find band members in their area. So, next time you want to get feedback on your song, instead of posting 'Please rate my song' or 'Rate my Music' in the forums, use this site instead :-) (Sorry for blatant self promotion).

If you have suggestions for us to improve this site, we appreciate your feedback. Please email us at

Thanks for checking out the site, team