How Good Is Your Music?

Frequently Asked Questions

I uploaded a song but I have not received any reviews yet

It will take some time for your song to be selected during the random review. The more helpful reviews you write on others' songs, the more probable that your own song will be selected for random review by the algorithm. So, in other words you have to build some history and credibility before your songs are reviewed more frequently by others. However, the algorithm will pick your song even if you have not written any reviews but it will just take a little bit longer.

How do I review others' songs?

There are two way to review songs. When you login, click on 'Review Songs' on the left side menu.

You can also review any song by clicking on the icon next to each song on the charts page or the artist's profile page.

I don't want to review ALL genres. How do I review only certain genres that I like?

Once you login, click on 'Home' on the left side menu. You can then select the genres that you like on that page. Once you save your preferences there, only songs from the genres you selected will be shown for review.

How do I upload a song?

When you login, click on 'My Songs' on the left menu. You can upload a new song and manage all your existing songs. You will also be able to see song ratings, stats and play history there.

What is a 'Primary Song'?

Each user is allowed to upload 5 songs but only one of them will be chosen randomly for others to review. You can change your Primary Song by clicking on icon next to your song under 'My Songs' page

How do I delete my songs?

When you login, click on 'My Songs' on the left hand side menu. You will see this icon next to each song. Click on that to delete the song and all the reviews/comments associated with it.

How do I delete my account?

Once you login, click on 'Delete Account' on the left hand side menu. You will be able to permanently delete your account and all the associated reviews/comments etc.

I am getting too many emails. How do I unsubscribe?

You can always unsubscribe from emails by clicking the unsubscribe URL included within each email. You can also login to your account and then click on 'Notification Settings' on the left hand menu to change your notification preferences.

How do I update my profile?

Once you login, click on 'Home' on the left menu. You can upload a picture and update your band info there.

What is the rating scale?

The ratings are:
5 (Hell yeah! I'd even pay for it!)
4 (Like it. I'd listen to it again!)
3 (It was Ok. But wouldn't listen to it again)
2 (Sounds generic. Needs more work)
1 (Needs a lot of work. Keep trying)

What are the points for? What is the up-vote and down-vote for? What is reputation?

When a user reviews your song, if the review is well written and provides value, you can up-vote the review but you cannot down-vote it. Other users besides you can however down-vote the review if it is too harsh and/or offensive. Also, you cannot up-vote/down-vote a rating that has no comment in it but oly the score. Each upvote is worth +1 point and each downvote is -1 point. You build reputation based on these points. And once a user gains high reputation, they will gain privileges on the site, such as higher weighted votes, moderating privileges and other cool stuff. We are still deciding on the privileges. Users will also gain higher reputation if their songs are highly rated by others.

Can I search for bands and musicians in my area that are looking for other musicians?

Yes. Users can look for bands and musicians in their area using the Search menu. We will soon be adding new features on that page.