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Profile: Hath No Fury


Artist:Hath No Fury
Review points:5
Reviews written:11
Reviews received:29
Band Genre:Alternative
Location:Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Instrument:Rhythm Guitar
Looking for:Not looking for a band or musician
Band Members:Jen Allen
Brian Olson
Andrew Wightman
Jay Corigliano
Band Bio:
We're a lot like heartbreak. It's bittersweet. It's intense. It affects you to your core, ripping and tearing while reminding you of everything good that you have ever had, and everything you'll ever want.

Alternative rock band from Central Iowa. Rock with pop sensibilities, and a heavy heart made of melodic punk and metal influences.

Formed in 2010, Hath No Fury is an alternative rock/pop group from Des Moines, IA. Living, working, and dreaming in this city gives us a lot of drive--contrary to popular opinion, there is ALWAYS something to do in Des Moines, and we want to be one of those go-to events, every time we play a show.

Songwriter Jen Allen fronts the group. She writes songs that are stories of life and all the ups and downs that come with it. One of the crowd favorites is called "Bruised" and is about a childhood bully. Another favorite is called "Blur" and was written about the destruction of a marriage. Song topics cover many subjects, but each song is as honest, open, and built to affect the listener as we can make it.

Lead guitarist, Brian Olson, brings a variety of experience and sounds from playing in metal bands like The Cassandra Disease and pop/punk bands like The Getaway Scene. He combines a love for melody with a technical tenacity that will give your ears something very tasty to listen to.

Andrew Wightman, on bass and background vocals, brings a bit of punch to the music. His bass lines are sometimes groovin' and sometimes intense, and the vocal harmonies bring a haunting quality to the music.

Jay Corigliano brings his heart to the music and you can hear it in the rhythm of the drums. With years of experience playing in a variety of bands, Jay is solid, fun, and intense.
Band Influences:Life.
Songs:I Am Love      


Song: I Am Love
Artist: Hath No Fury

Des Moines, Iowa

Studio Recording added on: 01/15/2014
  Reviews:   29
Avg. Vote:  3.5/5
Score:        3.23
Favorites:   6
Plays:        59


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