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Profile: Micah Lathrop & Andi


Artist:Micah Lathrop & Andi
Review points:3
Reviews written:32
Reviews received:26
Location:Gahanna, Ohio, United States
Instrument:Acoustic Guitar
Looking for:Not looking for a band or musician
Band Members:Micah Lathrop
Andi Lathrop
AKA: Grapefruit Moon
Band Bio:Country/Folk/Americana style music.

Don't expect miracles, we aren't educated with music degrees, but have a love for writing and performing music. We try to break out of the box a bit when it comes to our country sound, but then are told by the "pros" - we don't follow the rules! "Verse, chorus, verse, chorus"... blah blah blah. So we say "Thank you!" because we aren't trying to. We love getting good feedback from others and we are very proud of what we have done, but if what we do isn't your thing, that's ok, too.

Our first CD will be out very soon - distributed by Tate Music Group - and we are about ready to start working on our next one. We are having a blast and hope you all are, too!
Band Influences:John Mayer, The Eagles, Gary Allan
Songs:My Sweet Friend      


Song: My Sweet Friend
Artist: Micah Lathrop & Andi

Gahanna, Ohio

Home Recording added on: 12/27/2013
   Reviews:   26
Avg. Vote:  3.4/5
Score:        3.31
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