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Score:  It was Ok. But wouldn't listen to it again 3/5
Rated by: Linwood   on 05/11/2014 14:19:05 EDT
The Good: Guitar, Vocals,
The Bad: Drums, Production,
Goin (Demo)
Artist: Autopilot



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Autopilot on: 05/11/2014 20:36:22 EDT

Thanks for your honest review! Do you have any details as to what you thought was bad with the drums and production of the song? Have a splendid day!!
Linwood on: 05/11/2014 21:16:17 EDT

really, as far as i could tell on laptop speakers (which definitely aren't suited for complete thorough reviews on music anyway), the actual sound of the drum kit was fitting for the style, i just wasn't too fond of the tone of the cymbals. that could have been the cymbals themselves, or the mic'ing and mixing. as far as production, i liked that it kinda had almost a 90's dirty grunge sound too it. i felt the vocals may have been a little too out front, but i did like the vocalist sound. overall, it could be polished up a touch, but not too much to take away from the feeling of the style. hope this helps! listening back, i have no idea why i voted a 3. this kind of style has always been up my alley.
Autopilot on: 05/12/2014 02:42:08 EDT

I actually had to use a drum machine i found online. All the parts were made from my old drummer, but I had to fire him. Since the band is a power duo, drummers are a scarce commodity, and the fact that I dont own a drumkit or know anyone at the moment who plays drums, I had to work with what i had. You should've heard the first mix I made for this song because man were the vocals hot. The dynamic mic I used for this song i used in this demo in particular (Sennheiser e935) is more of a live mic and naturally a hot output mic so that might have had something to with the over-the-top mix of the vocals. My guitar just naturally has that throaty, mid range early Nirvana sound to it and that might also have been from the big appreciation for grunge music. Glad you're into this style of music as I dont know many people who truly appreciate grunge music, so consider yourself special in my book. I'm sad to see that there aren't many people nowadays that play true grunge music. It's all basically Sonic Youth-esque noise rock, hardcore, or metal. Don't kick yourself for rating the song so low. I'd rather the truth be told about the flaws of the song than have the vibe of the song be lived a lie.
Linwood on: 05/12/2014 18:07:15 EDT

nice. yea, sometimes you gotta roll with what you've got. I myself am the drummer of our group (which is currently just the 2 of us, but planning to add more members to make playing out a possibility). looking back at my past reviews, i've noticed that i can be quite critical on drum tones and overall performance. i wish there was other options rather than just good and bad, because things i've clicked "bad" on, aren't necessarily bad, but could just use a little adjustment here and there to be stellar. anyway, grunge essentially got me out of rap music way back in 4th grade, so i have a good appreciation for it. i actually didn't come to appreciate nirvana until a few years ago, which is weird because dave grohl has been one of my heroes for years. do you guys have reverberation or Facebook, or one of the many musical outlet sites? i'll add you guys up.
Autopilot on: 05/12/2014 18:54:48 EDT

I find it kind of weird how we both started out playing in churches hahah. Don't worry about being too critical. That just shows that you have a huge passion for what you love to do. Thanks for the support it means a lot! Here are most of the links:
Linwood on: 05/12/2014 19:01:31 EDT

awesome. thanks! until we can get this project off the ground, church is still my main place i play. i play for a 2500+ member church several times a month, so i'm at least seasoned for playing big crowds if i ever get my "big break". other than this project, i play in a band called SafeKept too. we don't currently have any music out, but we will be playing the ft. wayne indiana area in the next few months (if i recall, i saw you were located in indiana somewhere). feel free to check us out too.
Autopilot on: 05/12/2014 19:03:45 EDT

I find it kind of weird how we both started out playing in churches hahah. Don't worry about being too critical. That just shows that you have a huge passion for what you love to do. Thanks for the support it means a lot! Here are most of the links:
Autopilot on: 05/12/2014 19:21:55 EDT

Whoops double post. well anyways, Ive already liked the band on facebook/reverbnation. You should try out soundcloud. I get mostly complete strangers listening on that site. It's always good to have a diverse fanbase. Fort Wayne is about 2 and a half hours away from where i live, but ill see what i can do. I still play at my church too every sunday to around 10-50 people and its nice to just play out on a relatively consistant basis as that experience got me well over stage freight. My band actually has a lot better material than this, its just that I dont have a drummer or else I would be recording those songs instead of the ones you see here. I might be able to send you the rough practice recordings of the songs i made on my ic recorder if youd like to listen to them.
Linwood on: 05/13/2014 21:04:18 EDT

definitely. i still have to check out your other songs too. these next few days are gonna be busy. i added you and your band on Facebook and reverbnation, so i'll be able to find it. drummers certainly are few and far between. i live in NC, and both of my bands are in ohio. I'm finding it to be quite a challenge to find something i'd enjoy playing for down here. lots of country and southern rock here. ah well. keep it up though. you'll find a drummer eventually.


Score:  Needs a lot of work. Keep trying 1/5
Rated by: Rex K   on 05/06/2014 18:29:21 EDT
Artist: Shaloxeroligon



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Shaloxeroligon on: 05/06/2014 21:46:01 EDT

Really? A 1 out of 5 with no reason why? Any suggestions on how to make it better?
Rex K on: 05/10/2014 02:39:03 EDT

Okay! I've listened to it 4-5 times now.
The guitars sound like plastic, the vocal is midi autotune and not good. The the production is over the top. Too much effects. Bass sound.. is it keyboard? Should be real bass. Buy one
But I have to admit that the gets better after a couple of minutes. You should change it so that people don't lose interest before the song gets going.

A lot of work
Real drums, real bass, better guitar sound, better vocal, tone down the production.

I would rate it a 3 now after a few listens...
Haha! I just realised the guitar is also keyboard

Even more work.

I can record guitar and bass for you and send you the files, if you send me the midi samples for the drums. Free!

Please review my stuff
Best regards

Jan Ole

Shaloxeroligon on: 05/10/2014 09:12:18 EDT

So, you dislike it because I use sampled and synthesized instruments instead of real ones, because I "autotuned" my vocal, because I spent a lot of time producing it and went for an artificial sound, instead of an organic one?

Well, I don't see those as negatives, because I PURPOSEFULLY chose to do it that way. The song is about computers wanting to take over the world. Why would a computer use physical instruments? They are SUPPOSED to be exactingly precise, because unlike man, they never make mistakes. And as for the vocal, you've apparently never played Portal, because I purposefully used Melodyne-style pitch correction on my voice to make it sound like the character GLaDOS.

So, basically, it "needs a lot of work" because it's not your style of music. Because it's almost purely electronic instead of organic. I'm sorry, but that's not a good reason to completely trash someone's music.
Rex K on: 05/10/2014 13:18:09 EDT

A review from someone is always highly subjective.
The first time I heard it I thought "what is this nonsense?", so I gave it a 1. I may not be the only one to do that.
The sound image is IMHO really shitty. I'm sorry but that's my opinion. It doesn't really sound like it's done by computers, it just sounds AWFUL.
Computers to take over the world.. Why would they play music like this? I think they'd do better.

The song in it self has some qualities, like the vocal melody (I think I've heard it before). The riff is good, and I like the repetitiveness. It's close to prog rock, but prog rock is not impressive and creates chills if its played by a machine. You also lose so many aspects to music if its played by midi files, its ridiculous. If you go for midi files you should go all in and not make it sound like a cartoon band. KRAFTWERK did this. And "organic" bands like Fear Factory and many more play excactingly precise, but still have a "computerish" feel. It's about skills. Skills that you can not learn sitting in your room in front of your computer. Do you play any instrument at all?

And no I never played much computer games, but I've played in many bands, both as drummer and guitarist the past 20 years. What I have learned is that its no use arguing with people who do not like your music. It is the listener who is right, not you. It doesn't matter how many hour you spent making it. You may be disappointed, but still the public is right.

I listen to everything from Cannibal Corpse to The Smiths.

I gave you suggestions on how to get it better, and even offered to help.
Shaloxeroligon on: 05/10/2014 14:36:07 EDT

To answer your question, yes I do play an instrument (two if you count vocals). I'm a guitarist. I'm not good enough to play a lot of the songs I come up with in my head. Some require technical skill that would have to be developed over years if not decades of experience. Experience that I just don't have right now. However, I'm not going to let my physical limitations stop me from producing music that moves me. In addition to playing instruments, I also mix and master all of my songs by myself. If I had to wait until I was good enough, and had a band, in order to produce music, I would never have the material to develop my skills as a mixer (which is a skill you learn by sitting in your room in front of a computer), without having to resort to mixing other people's stuff (and I'd really rather not do that until I get better).

I understand the limits of MIDI, and indeed, I am working to overcome those limitations in my more recent work (I actually made this song last August). I understand the problems with the overly-perfect, lacking-in-dynamics feel that comes from MIDI. But that doesn't mean it sounds bad, at least not to me. Honestly, the nice thing about electronic music is that it transcends some of the limitations of physical instruments. Would you fault Skrillex for producing his basses using Massive, rather than with an Ibanez? You can find new ways to be expressive that are very different from the methods used by traditional, hand-operated instruments.

But I digress. You put it very well. There IS no point in arguing with people who dislike my music. You have given me some good advice; I could do more to make the mix more interesting as the song progresses (a concept that I am still figuring out). I could give more life to the instruments, because they do feel kind of flat in some areas. Honestly, the fact that you could tell they were electronic is testament to the fact that I didn't do a good enough job creating them. I could do more to clean up the vocal (it's a bit messy and out-of-sync in some places). That being said, there is no point in arguing with people who dislike my sound. Even if I made my electronic music much cleaner and professional sounding, there will still be people who dislike electronic music. And that's okay. But, I feel like I'm on the right track. See, you're the only one who has rated this song below a 4 on this site (I know, admittedly small sample size). You're the first person who has given me such negative feedback on this song, across ToneArena, SoundCloud, and YouTube. And while I like constructive criticism, I don't really consider "this sounds bad, use real instruments, do you even play anything" to be helpful. Next time you give constructive feedback, please try to do so without insulting someone's creative choices or musical skill.
Rex K on: 05/10/2014 17:18:53 EDT

Here's my point:
This took me one whole hour:

Its a few seconds of your song!


Score:  Hell yeah! I'd even pay for it! 5/5
Rated by: Solid Ground   on 12/12/2013 15:28:27 EST
The Good: Vocals,
Under the Moss
Artist: DJ Mildsauce



  Comment: "What ya smokin? lol ok ok your high! not a problem, when your not high, read this LOL, I like this, cheerfull Your just in Kansass, come over we can record this on some better eq, then you'd get good feed back, I'm in peyton, co, lower then where you are, you are higher! I think lol, you have a good voice, I could loan you a buck or two to put in your pocket lol. "

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DJ Mildsauce on: 12/12/2013 20:42:46 EST

Im confused... did you like it or not?

Are you okay man?
Solid Ground on: 12/13/2013 10:28:14 EST

I do like it, sorry, here is what I think happened, I posted this review above that should go with another song (not yours) I now can't find them LOL, their song he kept singing how high he was, anyhow, yes, I like it and will listen again.
DJ Mildsauce on: 12/13/2013 18:10:45 EST

cool thanks man... i think i stumbled across one of your tunes the other day... wasnt bad.
Diwakar Timilsina on: 12/13/2013 18:17:59 EST

I think you are talking about his songs about being 'high':

I think there is a bug somewhere in the Voting system where every once in a while the vote is submitted to a different song than intended. we have fixed it. Hopefully we won't have that issue anymore.
DJ Mildsauce on: 12/13/2013 18:28:28 EST

hey thats cool.... bugs happen


Score:  Needs a lot of work. Keep trying 1/5
Rated by: dma2016   on 06/19/2016 22:00:43 EDT
The Good: Vocals, Originality,
The Bad: Composition, Production, Lyrics,
Artist: sroulettemosleywip



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sroulettemosleywip on: 06/19/2016 22:16:03 EDT

Thank you for 'reviewing' my song. Usually I accept constructive critiques and take it into serious account when I go back and do more work on that song. However being that I sold this breast cancer awareness song (that was recorded in a PROFESSIONAL studio by a PROFESSIONAL singer btw), to an organization 2 months ago, I have to say you are far off the mark. This leads me to believe you did not listen to the song, but reviewed it only to get your songs reviewed. That's not cool.
dma2016 on: 06/19/2016 22:59:47 EDT

Unfortunately I did actually listen to this song fully and found no emotional attachment nor an interest in the song. You have a good voice but the song was not so good. I am just being honest perhaps whoever sold it to you felt bad. But this is a cut throat industry if you want people to automatically like your song and then lash out on them for reviewing then you definitely will not make it. You said this was studio recorded I doubt it as your voice sounds dull and is unable to carry the song. I do like how it was for breast cancer awareness but it just was not breathtaking. The production was alright and the chorus was good but it still just to BORING!
sroulettemosleywip on: 06/19/2016 23:46:29 EDT

Maybe you should stay away from reviewing. This will be my last comment to you so if you need to get in the last word feel free and best wishes to you anyway. Peace
dma2016 on: 06/20/2016 00:07:41 EDT

Maybe your not talented? This will be my last response to you cause you aint anybody.
dma2016 on: 06/20/2016 00:08:01 EDT



Score:  It was Ok. But wouldn't listen to it again 3/5
Rated by: Primate House   on 12/26/2013 10:47:50 EST
The Good: Guitar, Production,
The Bad: Originality, Lyrics,
Every Night
Artist: John Garza Jr



  Comment: "I like the style you are going for but the lyrics seem kind of mindless and glam metal. If I were you I would try and connect my instrumentals with more personal heartfelt lyrics and leave the songs about booty to the rappers."

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John Garza Jr on: 12/27/2013 13:50:25 EST

Thanks for your views I will keep your suggestions in mind the next time I write a song about booty. I dont know about you but I love women. So suck it!
Primate House on: 12/28/2013 01:38:57 EST

First off this is a website for artists to give each other honest feedback. If you expect any serious views here you are in the wrong place. Do what you please but if you want your songs to appeal to women you should probably stop objectifying them.
Micah Lathrop & Andi on: 12/28/2013 16:26:19 EST

I had to listen to this song just because of the booty discussion. :-) This song ( at the risk of being told to "suck it"... )confuses me a bit. You have this song that has these passionate, mature moments and lyrics, then you switch to something I am not getting. I'm not saying it won't appeal to some, but it almost turned into a parody. You have talent and could go either way - mature, good, solid music.... or.... a sort of "man in heat", perv type music. Just being honest! Good luck to you!
John Garza Jr on: 01/01/2014 09:02:06 EST

Thanks ya'll.


Score:  It was Ok. But wouldn't listen to it again 3/5
Rated by: DJ Mildsauce   on 12/28/2013 20:34:02 EST
The Good: Drums, Composition, Keyboards,
Introvert Ideal
Artist: Perch



  Comment: "Ok, its obviously the keyboardists song.... but he should invite the guitarist in a little bit. Even if all he does is slow-wahs for texture.

The soloist style of the piano cant really retain the concentration it needs with that hiphop backbeat going on. So i feel like you should transition the kb's away from the foreground briefly a few times to keep it from becoming too hypnotic.

Either that or break it somewhere with a spacey interlude.

Also, whats up with the ending? Did you run out of tape?"

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DJ Mildsauce on: 12/28/2013 20:46:37 EST

Something weird going on here.... this is a different song now.
DJ Mildsauce on: 12/28/2013 20:48:29 EST

Hey guys, disregard that review... i think i found a bug.
Perch on: 12/28/2013 23:31:09 EST

Ya I've also noticed that if you go to rate someones songs directly (not randomly) there is a bug where it plays the wrong (random) song. Pretty annoying if you want to hear more material from a specific artist to give feedback on.
Diwakar Timilsina on: 12/29/2013 10:42:32 EST

Hey guys, sorry about that. We will look into the issue. It will get resolved soon. And thanks for pointing out the bug.


Score:  Hell yeah! I'd even pay for it! 5/5
Rated by: Randy Miller   on 05/16/2014 04:32:35 EDT
The Good: Vocals, Keyboards,
I See Everything
Artist: Shay Esposito



  Comment: "Great voice!"

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Shay Esposito on: 05/16/2014 11:33:25 EDT

Thanks so much!
Shay Esposito on: 05/16/2014 11:40:55 EDT

If your interested, check out my new song, Medication, on youtube:

Have a great weekend.

Randy Miller on: 05/16/2014 12:30:49 EDT

I really liked Medication and the singing was great, I love your voice. Keep it up girly, I am a big fan of your work.

I have one question, who does the writing?

Have a great weekend Ms.Shay Esposito

Shay Esposito on: 05/16/2014 16:06:02 EDT

Hi thanks so much! I do my own writing. I have an album coming out June 21, these two songs are on it. I wrote the lyrics and melodies for all of the songs on the album. I would really love to work with a professional songwriter but I am not yet "in the know". Hopefully as I do more work I will be able to convince someone to write with me. :)

Thanks for the support I really appreciate it.



Score:  It was Ok. But wouldn't listen to it again 3/5
Rated by: Chris Jackson/Me Myself and Eye   on 05/25/2014 00:15:28 EDT
The Good: Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Bass,
The Bad: Lyrics,
Riffy Spiffy (Demo)
Artist: Autopilot



  Comment: "There's something to be said for minimalism but this is a good enough vibe I'd put some more lyrics in there...needs a great chorus. Much potential."

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Autopilot on: 05/25/2014 11:50:58 EDT

Thanks man!!! Lately I've thought about adding a chorus and/or possibly a prechorus to this song. Have a nice day!!!
Autopilot on: 05/25/2014 11:56:31 EDT

Do you think that the four lines of lyrics I have for the song so far are good or do you think they need to be improved?
Chris Jackson/Me Myself and Eye on: 05/25/2014 13:11:17 EDT

Yeah the lines sound good. Maybe try just throwing in some nonsense lines for getting some meter to it and then as you come up with them you can replace them with real lyrics. SOmetimes that works really well and every now and then the nonsense ones winds up making sense actually.
Autopilot on: 05/25/2014 17:12:49 EDT

aaahhhhh I get where you're coming from.


Score:  It was Ok. But wouldn't listen to it again 3/5
Rated by: stage directions   on 12/01/2014 08:17:56 EST
The Good: Guitar, Composition,
The Bad: Vocals,
Along The Way
Artist: Earl Gardner



  Comment: "the vocal lines are way hidden in the mix ... they need to be out front and clearly audible
the overall song content is very well done and pleasing to the ears ... recut the vocal lines and you may have a real good chance at a hit ... imho"

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Earl Gardner on: 12/01/2014 17:33:25 EST

Thanks for the are right...didn't notice that the vocal was "behind" the music...
Earl Gardner on: 12/01/2014 17:33:33 EST

Thanks for the are right...didn't notice that the vocal was "behind" the music...
Earl Gardner on: 12/01/2014 17:33:46 EST

Thanks for the are right...didn't notice that the vocal was "behind" the music...
Earl Gardner on: 12/01/2014 17:33:57 EST

Thanks for the are right...didn't notice that the vocal was "behind" the music...


Score:  Needs a lot of work. Keep trying 1/5
Rated by: 'Blue Tattoo' Blues Band   on 10/24/2015 18:15:52 EDT
Does it suck? You decide bro
Artist: Who Knows



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Who Knows on: 10/24/2015 19:13:31 EDT

Heyyy what did you hate most? Just curious
'Blue Tattoo' Blues Band on: 10/24/2015 19:19:44 EDT

the bass is not where it should be...the mix sounds distorted...the song is very hard to listen to...: (...
Who Knows on: 10/24/2015 19:32:32 EDT

Word thanks man!
Who Knows on: 10/24/2015 19:33:11 EDT

It won't let me up vote sorry