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Score:  It was Ok. But wouldn't listen to it again 3/5
Rated by: Lloyd Litke   on 03/03/2018 22:29:22 EST
The Good: Vocals,
The Bad: Production, Lyrics,
See You Next Wednesday
Artist: Charlie Manner



  Comment: "This song just slid by me. The lyrics are pretty wild, and the story is far from clear. The song creates more of an ambience than a narrative, which is okay. Too much repetition of the melody, though. I'd like to hear a totally different melody in a bridge. The song is over-produced, with the drum loops, strings, keyboards, etc. Too much going on. And I'm confused by the over-abundant imagery: Does the singer love or hate the one he's singing to? Is he feeling trapped? I'd like to get a pretty good idea of what the singer is feeling, but I didn't. The mixed metaphors don't help. The writer has taken on something really ambitious here, but I think he should lower his sights a little, so the song can come through! I think a serious re-write is called for, because there are good things in the lyrics and melody that can be saved."

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