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Profile: Mark Benavides > Song: Tranquil Thoughts

Song: Tranquil Thoughts
Artist: Mark Benavides

Wahiawa, Hawaii

Home Recording added on: 06/03/2014
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Avg. Vote:  3.4/5
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New song that I wrote in the middle of night. Finished up vocals today and ready show to others. Messed with my vocals to make them not sound like, well, me. I just think it works for this style of music in general.

Had a weird day dream of what it would be like if someone had found a body in the forest, taken over by nature. What were those person's last thoughts? Did they leave for a good reason?

Time stopped, Waters calm
Landscapes still where her heart lies
Still unknown, Her body hidden.

Body seized, by vines and roots
New lives start wrapped around flesh
Decomposed, by bugs that hunger

Tranquil thoughts, Fading in and out,
Tranquil thoughts.

Tranquil thoughts made by man,
Fading in and out of consciousness,
She left with inner peace, with faith left in the world.


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