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Song: Old Friends
Artist: Riverman


Home Recording added on: 05/28/2018
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This one came to be fairly quickly and rather easily. If I recall correctly, the main riffs were "composed" in maybe fifteen minutes or so. I have a terrible memory so that's not 100% certain. There's this air of basicness to this one, which of course I like to call "fluidity".

First we recorded a very basic demo and kind of worked up from there. First we did the rough guitars and bass guitars and then Heidi did her thing with the piano and vocal melodies. The lyrics were written afterwards, though not as an afterthought. The melodies and lyrics came together rather nicely I think.

The drums we're done by hired gun, who played along the lines of the original midi drums we did. It wasn't 100% what we originally wrote so we had to redo the bass guitar for the most part.

Vocals were then recorded on top of everything else, with a few cello parts and screaming stuff added afterwards. It seems I never got around to re-recording those rough guitars.

We ended up mixing this one ourselves, even though originally we had other plans.


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