Reverbnation partners with SoundOut

A few weeks ago, I came across SoundOut. It’s a website where independent musicians can upload their songs and get feedback on their music from anonymous users. It’s similar to what we are doing. But SoundOut is a paid service and charges outrageous amount of money for song reviews. It charges $45/song for 125 reviews and $195/song for 250 reviews. Holy crap. These guys are big time crooks.┬áThe reviews are blind and they come from users who are paid about $0.05 per review. So basically SoundOut is paying the reviewers 125 x $0.05 = $6.25/song and taking $125 per song from the musicians. I will let you do the math. And I don’t thing making approximately $0.05 per review should be the incentive to provide great feedback on songs. This is crowd sourcing gone awfully wrong. And on top of that, Reverbnation is partnering with SoundOut to provide paid reviews to its users in a new service called “Crowd Review“.

I don’t know what to say. This is a big ripoff and struggling artists who are already broke are paying large amount of cash to get feedback on their music.

2 thoughts on “Reverbnation partners with SoundOut

  1. Terrence McManus

    I disagree with your assessment of SoundOut. As a business owner, it is difficult to actually maintain a business, manage employees, and make a living for your family and workers. To deny them the ability to set a fee that fits the costs of the business and hopefully make a profit to grow, is showing a lack of business acumen on your part. Maybe if you had a better understanding of business you would not be releasing a software platform that at first glance seems unfinished, with a difficult UI. You probably do not know the guys from SoundOut, but your characterization of them as crooks seems mean spirited.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I understand that running a business is difficult. No doubt about it. But in this day and age of social networking, users expect more from companies. I do not like SoundOut’s business model because it requires each user to pay money upfront. It’s not a freemium model where they get to use the basic stuff but have to pay for the premium features. Running a business is difficult but there are other ways of generating revenues using advertising and a freemium model. SoundOut is taking money from each user and $45/song is a lot money where I come from. There is a social aspect of song reviewing and I am trying to implement that with my website. The site might be a little ugly but it’s growing and will get better.


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