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Quick Update

We have added many new users recently. Welcome to the site. The site is still in its early stages, so thanks for your patience. Just wanted to give a quick update to all of you.

  1. You can upload multiple songs but only 1 of them (the Primary Song) will be selected for Random Review. This will give each user an equal chance for their music to be heard. You can change the Primary Song anytime by logging in and going to the “My Songs” page. There should be a “check mark” button next to each song. Just click on that button to designate the song as Primary Song.
  2. You can browse reviews now and you can upvote/downvote reviews based on how helpful they are. You must be logged in to be able to do that.
  3. We implemented a new algorithm to sort the songs based on their scores. We will improve the algorithm as we go along. It’s important to not focus on the ranking too much and take it literally. They are just implemented for fun.
  4. You can now add your YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook profile URLs. Login and go to “Home” and add the URLs at the bottom of the page. This should help us better connect with each other.

Wanted to ask all of you if you would like to have the choice to review any song instead of just through the Blind Review system?

Reverbnation partners with SoundOut

A few weeks ago, I came across SoundOut. It’s a website where independent musicians can upload their songs and get feedback on their music from anonymous users. It’s similar to what we are doing. But SoundOut is a paid service and charges outrageous amount of money for song reviews. It charges $45/song for 125 reviews and $195/song for 250 reviews. Holy crap. These guys are big time crooks. The reviews are blind and they come from users who are paid about $0.05 per review. So basically SoundOut is paying the reviewers 125 x $0.05 = $6.25/song and taking $125 per song from the musicians. I will let you do the math. And I don’t thing making approximately $0.05 per review should be the incentive to provide great feedback on songs. This is crowd sourcing gone awfully wrong. And on top of that, Reverbnation is partnering with SoundOut to provide paid reviews to its users in a new service called “Crowd Review“.

I don’t know what to say. This is a big ripoff and struggling artists who are already broke are paying large amount of cash to get feedback on their music.